Cooperation, Innovation and Imagination Lead to Common Prosperity

May 23-24, 2012 · Beijing

China World Summit Wing Hotel


The year of 2012 will be recognized as one with many complex challenges for the global aviation industry in the sustainable development.

The global aviation community has gained common understanding and launched active programs in many areas including safety, security, efficiency and environment.ICAO, as well as industry organizations, has helped to continuously promote global coordination and provide guidance in these areas. The United States and European Union have been actively developing the next generation air transportation system, and along with many other countries they are working hard to improve efficiency and protect the environment. The general aviation industry has demonstrated promising market potential. Air carriers are dedicated to technical innovation so as to maintain its sustainable development.
At the same time, the fluctuations of the global economy and soaring fuel prices bring disturbance and disappointment to air carriers. The inconsistency between the strategic visions of environmental protection versus the reality of development has created temporary and local contradiction. The global aviation industry will face long-term oscillation and variation due to international political, economical, social and environmental factors.
The Chinese aviation industry, which has been regarded as a rising star national industry of this emerging economy, is full of passion to strive for further development along with its global partners, and is willing to suffer the difficulties of developing at the same time.
How to maintain the sustainable under these conditions has become the most urgent challenge to the aviation industry.
Cooperation and innovation have proved to be important methods to face this challenge. To explore new mechanism and methodologies of international coordination and collaboration, and promote innovation in technology and management, will become the inevitable choice for the global aviation community to overcome difficulties, to realize the strategic goal of sustainable development, and achieve common prosperity in a manner of mutual interests and reciprocal benefits.
The 2012 China Civil Aviation Development Forum will take the theme of "Cooperation and Innovation Lead to Common Prosperity Aviation Growth Drives the National Economy". We are dedicated to provide an ideal platform to support the joint efforts of government authorities, industrial experts and entrepreneurs, so as to discuss and plan for the sustainable development of the global aviation industry.

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