Accelerating the Transformation of Global Civil Aviation

May 11 - 12, 2011 · Beijing

China World Summit Wing Hotel


2011 marks the beginning of global civil aviation's recovery from the economic crisis.

We will see many changes:
•   Unprecedented scale of alliances and mergers
•   New ways and players in global competition and cooperation
•   Green transformation of civil aviation
•   The next generation air transportation system moving forward
•   New concepts and practices to increase profits
The whole aviation industry will need to adapt to changes and accelerate the transformation.
2011 is also the first year of China's 12th Five Year Plan(2011—2015). It will be a critical time for the Chinese civil aviation system. We face many challenges:
•   Airspace and airport congestion
•   Maintaining safety during fast growth for trunk, regional, general aviation
•   Competition and cooperation with high-speed trains
At the same time Chinese society will have great opportunities triggered by the central government policies:
•   Expand domestic demand and boost domestic consumption
•   Urbanization
•   Coordination and balanced development between the different parts of China (East/West, etc.)
•   Upgrading manufacturing and service industries from low-end to high-end
All these offer significant impetus for the fast development of civil aviation and call for accelerating transformation, deeper reform, and increased innovation.
The 2011 Forum will focus on topics like these.

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The 11th CCADF will be postponed to 2022. We will update the notice as soon as the new date is confirmed.
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