Preparing for a New Era of Global Civil Aviation

May 12 -13, 2010 · Beijing

China World Hotel


In the first decade of this century, aviation was set back by "9/11" and the global financial crisis. Chinese domestic aviation was the first to recover from the financial crisis and resume growth. In the new decade, the strong growth will continue, fueled by continued urbanization and a huge and growing middle class with enough income to afford air travel. There is significant pent-up demand for air travel in China and other developing nations.

Most countries allocate government funding in one year budgets, but China has "Five Year Plans". The 12th Five Year Plan (12-5) will cover 2011-2015. 2010 is the year of planning for 12-5. Everyone experienced in China knows the importance these "once every five year" opportunities for early insight into the planning that will lead the next five years of infrastructure investment and revised policies. Although the 12-5 is not complete, the Chinese government speakers at the 2010 Forum will share some of the thoughts that are shaping their sections of the 12-5.
CAAC Administrator Li will lead the transition of Chinese civil aviation from being 'big' to mature, and participating actively and cooperatively in advancing global aviation'.
Another sub-theme of many of the presentations will be increased emphasis on "Green" in aviation.
Presentations at the 2010 Forum will give insight into:
•   Development and growth opportunities in the current global economic situation
•   Adjustment of policies, laws,and regulations by government authorities
•   New initiatives to stimulate growth
•   Energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection, climate change
•   Trends and strategies in airline alliances and mergers. Airline Green focus.
•   Solutions to improve efficiency, capacity and decrease cost; implementing new technologies and procedures
•   Development of the Chinese aircraft manufacturing industry, including the C919 and ARJ21
•   Development of the growing airport system
•   Establishment of an integrated transportation system and civil aviation industrial competitiveness
•   Technical-standard coordination and integrated global operation of air traffic management; new policies of airspace utilization Development of General Aviation

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