The City Clusters and the Multi-Airport Systems in the Internet Era: New Links for the Global Aviation Development

May 25 - 26, 2017 · Beijing

China World Hotel


The City Clusters and the Multi-Airport Systems in the Internet Era: New Links for the Global Aviation Development

At the 2nd and 3rd World Internet Conferences, President Xi proposed separately a strategic vision and a development concept -- “ Interconnection,Shared Governance” and “Deepening International Cooperation in Cyberspace to build a Community for Common Future” . The development of the internet has profoundly changed the pattern of global economic and social development, and also brought new opportunities for the global aviation.
The formation of city clusters is the general characteristic of the intensive development of the world economy, which have a profound impact on the national competitiveness and become an important driving force for international exchanges and communication. The multi-airport systems come in company with the development of city clusters. Airports are now undergoing a developing trend from independent airports toward networked systems, which helps achieve the rapid allocation of resources in the metropolitan areas and enhance the international functions of these areas.
In order to adapt to the new technological environment, creating new links based on city clusters and multi-airport systems should be the strategy for the aviation industry to achieve competitive advantages in the future.
Around the theme of creating new links for global aviation in the Internet era based on the development of city clusters and multi-airport systems, 2017 China Civil Aviation Development Forum will organize in-depth discussions on the new trends of air transport network development and airports facility accommodation patterns, to further promote international cooperation within the global aviation industry. We believe this forum will serve as a valuable platform of international exchanges for the global aviation industry to achieve a sustained development, initiate a new pattern of interconnection among cities and airports all over the world, and bring new vitality into the global aviation industry.

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