Intelligent Aviation - High Quality Development in a New Scientific, Technological and Industrial Revolution

May 16 - 17, 2019 · Beijing

China World Hotel


At the International Conference on Engineering Science and Technology, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed an innovative argument: “ In the next few decades, a new round of scientific, technological, and industrial revolution will dawn upon human society. ” This new revolution in science and technology will transform social production, circulation, consumption, and distribution from being industrialized towards intelligence-enabled. This high-quality development represents not only a central characteristic of China’s economic development in the new age, but also an essential factor and a basic requirement for the development of the civil aviation industry.
While digitalization, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are being applied rapidly throughout society, the global civil aviation industry is following the trend and entering the age of “intelligent civil aviation” at a fast pace. This trend will effectively improve the capability of production and operational efficiency and will consequently spur a new round of industrial reform. The forum this year will focus on the technical integration and the optimization of the system and procedures, organizational structure, industrial governance, and how to further facilitate the global cooperation of civil aviation on a new platform.
Surrounding the theme of “Intelligent Aviation - High Quality Development in a New Scientific, Technological and Industrial Revolution”, the 2019 China Civil Aviation Development Forum intends to inject new impetus into global aviation development by having in-depth discussions about the new trend of “Smart Aviation”, studying and identifying the opportunities and challenges of the coming technological revolution faced by the civil aviation industry, so as to drive the development of civil aviation worldwide in the new era.

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The 11th CCADF will be postponed to 2022. We will update the notice as soon as the new date is confirmed.
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