Today's world is in the midst of unprecedented changes over the past century, where profound readjustment is happening in international politics, economy, science and technology, culture and security.  The reshaping of supply chains has drawn the global attention. The civil aviation has become the source of momentum in the global economic and trade development and the aviation logistics has arisen as the central part of international supply chains. According to statistics, despite only 1 percent of global trade volume, air transport accounts for 35% of the world's total trade in terms of value.  The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 highlights the important role of aviation logistics in safeguarding the international economy and people's life and health. Along with the reshaping of supply chains, in-depth restructuring will inevitably occur on the landscape of aviation logistics. Hence, the development trend of aviation logistics will become the issue of great concern across the civil aviation industry worldwide.
As General-Secretary Xi Jinping stressed, it is requisite to coordinate and advance the building of a modern circulation system, enhance the international air cargo capacity, accelerate the forming of a safe and efficient logistic network linking domestically and abroad and channeling through the cycle of national economy. The aviation logistics will support the new development landscape by providing continuous impetus for the world’s economic recovery and building up a solid “air bridge” between China and other countries. 
The 2022 China Civil Aviation Development Forum will center around the theme of “Global Supply Chain Restructuring and Development Trends of Aviation Logistics” to discuss in-depth the new development trend of aviation logistics and study the opportunities and challenges presented by the new round of aviation reform against the background of global economic landscape. The Chinese civil aviation will deepen the cooperation with the global counterparts and jointly create an ecosphere of high-quality development in the global air cargo transport, thus better serving the whole world!

Global Supply Chain Restructuring and Development Trends of Aviation Logistics

May 19-20, 2022

Hilton · Beijing Capital Airport

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