Strategic Cooperation of Silk Road Economies through Improved Air Connectivity

Beijing, China Jun 24-25, 2015

CAMIC International Convention Center


The theme of 2015 CCADF is “Strategic Cooperation of Silk Road Economies through Improved Air Connectivity” .

In September and October 2013 President Xi Jinping proposed the strategic concepts of building a “New Silk Road Economic Belt” and a “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” . He emphasized the importance of forging a community of mutual benefit and shared destiny to achieve common prosperity.
The implementation of this “One Belt One Road” initiative will begin by improving connectivity. The general mission of “One Belt One Road” is to promote economic and trade relationships which facilitate the exchange of products and services. Multiple transportation channels will be built to support interstate trade. The leading role of an upgraded transport network is clearly defined and recognized. By establishing stable economic and geopolitical partnerships, we hope to enrich well-being for the people of partner countries. “One Belt One Road” cannot succeed without improved connectivity. Regional connectivity is more than just building roads and bridges. It cannot be done unilaterally. It should take the form of integrated mobility of infrastructure, personnel, and policies. It requires coordinated efforts to enhance policies, communications, connectivity, unimpeded trade movement, direct financing of capital funds, and increased understanding of people from other cultures.
Air transportation, as the safest, fastest, and most efficient method of travel, will bear significant responsibility in supporting the “One Belt One Road” strategy. Civil aviation is the leading force to advance the intensive development of economic globalization and regional integration. The aviation industry supports a tremendous amount of international trade, finance, and business service activities. It creates convenient, free movement between continents.
With “One Belt One Road” as the theme, the 2015 China Civil Aviation Development Forum will offer an agenda for intensive discussions from various perspectives to clarify the role of aviation in enhancing global connectivity. We believe the Forum will contribute to a stronger partnership with improved connectivity, build cooperation to support the “One Belt One Road” strategy, and help open this exciting new era for all our people!

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The 11th CCADF will be postponed to 2022. We will update the notice as soon as the new date is confirmed.
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